Sunday, February 11, 2007

150th Post!

Wow! I've shared my thoughts 150 times! It hardly seems possible. I've been thinking about when I will stop the blog completely and I am thinking of ending it on July 17th which would be the one year anniversary of when Lilli came into our lives. I haven't made any definitive decisions, but I am thinking that I will end then.

Anyway, I think Lilli finally feels like she is home. She has been the happiest child the last two weeks. I absolutely ADORE this baby! She has been such a ball of energy and smiles and we have been fit free! I don't really know how to put what I am feeling into words. What I know for sure is that I thank God for bringing Lilli into our lives. It has been a long, tough journey so far. I know we are just beginning, but I am so glad that we are now a family.

Lilli's speech is finally coming together. She has several words and phrases that she uses regularly and she can sign. Being able to communicate makes things so much easier. Her speech is very rough, but we know what she is trying to tell us or what she wants. We will continue the speech therapy at least until she is three and then determine if she needs to continue. My guess is that she will not need any speech after she turns three.

Lilli has her Valentine's party at daycare on Wednesday. They made Valentine bags at her daycare and we are bringing in candy and Valentines for her class. Parents are invited to attend. I contemplated doing something for her class for Chinese New Year, but I don't think the kids will understand. I printed some coloring sheets so maybe I can give them to her class to color. I think I'll save the Chinese New Year celebration at school for when she is older and the kids understand. I ordered her a book about Chinese New Year that explains the importance of this holiday in China. I also printed some recipes and we are going to celebrate Chinese New Year as a family on Sunday. Wish me luck with the recipes. I'm going to attempt steamed buns and moon cakes. And, for added torture, I am making sweet red bean paste to fill the buns and moon cakes. We fell in love with the steamed buns and red bean paste while in China and I've been dying to find a recipe easy enough for me to follow. I'll keep you posted as to how everything turns out!

By the way, Lilli will be home 7 months on Saturday!

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