Sunday, August 12, 2012

All is quiet this morning.  The hubz and the munch are at church and I am home with our newest additon.  So, the blog is taking new direction.  Life post-adoption and now, life with an exchange student from China.  We picked up the newest member of our family at the airport yesterday.  I do not know what to expect from this experience.  I know what I am expecting, but how do I make that happen? 

Anyway, the pick-up was much like our adoption experience.  High hopes, lots of expectations and then reality...a scared, quiet child.  Lilli and I had made a sign welcoming our young lady and had brought her flowers as well.  As soon as she saw us we waved and she shyly walked toward us.  I think the sign and flowers embarrassed her.  She made no notice of either one and seemed like she really wanted to get out of the airport as quickly as possible.  So we walked quietly to the car and packed her up to bring her home.  I attempted to engage her in conversation but I think she was exhausted and really missing her family.

Before heading home we went to a restaurant to get something to eat.  ONG (our new guest) was just so shell-shocked and tired; eating out probably wasn't the best move on night one.  I ordered for her because I wasn't sure she could read the menu and there were a lot of options.  I'm sure it was overwhelming.  She ate half of a hamburger, tried spinach and artichoke dip and drank sweet tea.  She consumed all of it without any protest so I have to assume that she liked it.

The ride home was rough for her as we live off of a very hilly and steep road out in the boonies.  The hubz had to back off the accelerator a bit.  We showed her to her room and allowed her some space so she could unpack and get settled.  We did not see her again by her own will but I did check on her once.  At about 11:00 she came upstairs to get some water and she is still sleeping right now!!  It is 11:14 A.M.  I'm going to get her up and make sure she is OK.  Lots of shopping to do today and then school tomorrow.  This is going to be very interesting!!

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