Monday, November 13, 2006

Travelin' fools

Well, we took another trip and Lilli did really well. This trip was 3 hours long and we only stopped once for her. She did exceptionally well. The real test is Thursday when we travel to New Orleans for our nephew's baptism. We are excited about stopping in Birmingham to visit some of our travel-mates. It will also chop the trip in half (more or less) so Lilli won't have to be in a carseat for 12 hours. I am NOT looking forward to those 12 hours at all. I know it will be fine, but I am still dreading it.

We visited Lilli's Godparents this weekend in Northern IN. It was a great weekend. Their kids are 4 and 2 and Lilli played very well with both kids--most of the time. Their daughter liked Lilli as long as she wasn't touching the toys she was playing with. Their son and Lilli are cut from the same cloth. They are both aggressive kids who don't take crap from anyone. There were a couple of times when hitting, scratching, and throwing toys happened, but nobody has any bruises. I have to laugh when those two are together. They are a hoot to watch!

Nothing much else to report. Lilli is on antibiotics for a sinus infection. I probably need to be on them as well. This cold we have been passing back and forth is a doozie! We just can't shake it. I've disinfected every inch of the house, but it doesn't seem to be making a difference. I can't complain because this is the first illness we have experienced with her since we've been home from China. She still has the same attitude and the sniffles don't seem to be wearing her down.

Hopefully I will get to post again before Turkey Day! Hope everyone is well!

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