Saturday, October 21, 2006

The beauty of technology

I am constantly being reminded that my blog is an open forum to the world. I works great for me because all of my family lives out of state. This week I visited my grandmother in south KY to show Lilli off because she hadn't seen her yet. In addition to my grandmother, my three great-aunts and a great-uncle were able to see her for the first time. What was awesome is that one of my great aunts had been keeping up with Lilli's progress from this blog. She was so glad that she had been able to see pictures of Lilli and hear about how she is doing. It was nice to have that reminder of why I blog: I use it to keep in touch with my extended family and friends who I don't see that often.

The other great thing about the blog is that it keeps me connected to the adoption community. I have received so many e-mails from people all over the country and the world who appreciate my honesty in becoming a parent of an adopted child. My world has really been opened up because of this blog! So, why am I rattling on about this? I just wanted to thank everyone who continues to read my blog and who is supportive of what I am doing. It is awesome to know that so many people enjoy what I write about our trials and tribulations of parenthood and who enjoy watching our Lilli-Lou grow.

With that said, and my emotional state returned, Lilli continues to do well. She did really well on our trip to KY. It is normally about a 2 and 1/2 hour car ride, but with Lilli, it took 4 hours. We left at nap-time so she slept for about an hour. When she woke up, she was ready to get out of the car and run around. We stopped only once on the way back to eat lunch and she did fine. I think the biggest trick to traveling with her is that someone has to sit in back seat to entertain. We are going to New Orleans in a few weeks so I'm glad we have taken some mini-trips to get her used to the long car rides.

Other than that, she is still teething. She now has two HUGE molars and is getting her I-teeth on the bottom. Both. At the same time. She can be a real bear, but most of the time she has been in a great mood. She's amazing!

I'm going to download some more pics from this week at my g-ma's and at the zoo.

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hotmama28 said...

Bring on the pics! We LOVE the blog! :)