Wednesday, October 25, 2006

New pics of Lilli

Here are a few new pics of Lilli. She is quite a ham and has such a cute personality. I have to say it, she is amazing.
Right now she is obsessed with her belly button. When we ask her where her nose is, she lifts up her shirt and starts giggling. She used to actually point to her nose. Of course, when she lifts up her shirt, we have to zerbert her belly. More giggles ensue and I'm sure we're only reinforcing the behavior. I can't help it: it is just too cute.
Today at the playland in the mall she went down the slide by herself. Last week she needed/wanted my help. As soon as we entered the mall she started squealing with delight because she knew why we were there. What a goofball. It was all I could do to remove her shoes and socks because she was bouncing up and down so much.
We are getting our furnace replaced in a few hours. It died on us this week. We can't complain because it is the original furnace and this house was built in 1970. Our furnace was made by Chrysler! The HVAC person informed me that Chrysler doesn't even make furnances anymore. We were also told that our current furnace is emitting carbon monoxide which is a little scary. They asked me if we had been having more headaches than usual. I took this as a sign that the situation was extreme and immediate action needed to be taken to have the furnace replaced. It just isn't safe for any of us!
Well, I'm having one of those sleepless nights. It is 5:11 A.M. and we have been awakened several times by the dogs barking. Our neighbor's dog was barking incessantly and of course our two knuckleheads had to chime in. As a result, Lilli awakened screaming. I'm sure it scared her. Heck, it scared me a little. Our neighbor's dog is never outside at night. I wondered if everything was OK across the street. It is unusual for their dog to be out at night. Anyway, I should end and try to go back to bed. The hamlet will be waking up soon.

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