Sunday, October 15, 2006

In to Everything!

I guess it is her age, but Lilli is in to everything! She goes a thousand miles a minute and changes gears just as quickly. I just wish she were more interested in her toys and less interested in other things.

Tonight she sat and listened to me read Goodnight Moon 4 times! I was ecstatic. I want her to enjoy the art of reading and not hate it like so many other kids. Up until now she hasn't really shown much interest in hearing a story and would throw the book rather than listen to me read. And, not to brag, but I am a great reader and I am quite theatrical when it comes to reading kids books. After Goodnight Moon, we read Barnyard Banter and she sat still for that one, too. I knew she was losing interest when she started getting all of her books off the shelf and tossed them on the ground.

I think Lilli is really picking up the language. She understands what we say most of the time. She is good about pointing at what she wants and trying to communicate with us. It gets better everyday. She has one word that we aren't sure of. It sounds like no, but we think she is saying mine. The body language that accompanies this word is more indicative of mine than no. I've been working on a few simple signs with her to help with communication. I'm not trying to beat it in her head but hopefully the repitition will help her learn. She knows the sign for eat and for finished. I am working on drink and thank you. We also have a few other gestures that we make here at the house that she understands. It can be taxing, but the signing, pointing, etc. are helping us communicate with her.

I'm off to read. I just finished a good book. It is called The Glass Castle by Jeannette Walls and is a memoir of her life growing up. It was a very quick and easy read and quite unbelievable at times.


whatthehell said...

What the hell is a Sil and Bil ?????

Lorie Lou said...

An sil is a sister-in-law, and a bil is a brother-in-law. Hope this helps, Jason!