Wednesday, May 17, 2006

6 days of school . . .

6 more days! I couldn't be more excited. I think I'm worse than the kids right now! We got a call from Walnut Ridge today saying that there were 34 people in front of us to have their pool installed. All I can say is that they better get crackin'! I'm not too worried. I'll have most of July, some of August and almost all of September to enjoy the pool. Heck if it's a warm year I may even get into October.

On the adoption front there is still NOTHING! Everything, all the boards and even our agency is being VERY, VERY quiet. It is almost scary. By this time last month there were lots of rumors flying around. I checked the Rumor Queen and she did not have much to say that would affect me. She did say that one agency told people who were logged in in October of 2005 could expect their referrals sometime in May of 2007! May of 2007!!! That is PURE INSANITY!!!! The Rumor Queen is not happy as she was logged in in September of 2005. I have decided that our next child will NOT be from China unless they can get things going a little faster. We were actually talking about #2 today. I think we have set our sights on Viet Nam. The wait is shorter and the babies are younger. I have a feeling that when we get #1 we will begin the paperchase for #2. I think I want another girl and then #3 will be a boy. Todd wants a son. We may try In-Vitro for that one or maybe for #2. I think we ought to get #1 before we make any big decisions.

We still haven't decided on a name. Lilly is Todd's favorite. I like Sophia. We both like Lucie. Lilly is REALLY popular among Chinese-American children. I have other names that I like, but Todd is pretty dead-set on Lilly. He is being quite inflexible with the name. I mentioned pairing Lillian with Abigail to make Lillian Abigail _____ (chinese name) Hollis, but he poo-pooed that idea. We are going to have to come to some kind of decision. I think it would be much easier if Todd would just let me pick the name!

Well, my spirits are high (could be the beer I had earlier) and I'm just waiting for "the call". Hope I have good news to report soon!

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