Wednesday, April 05, 2006

The latest news

We received interesting information yesterday regarding how many dossiers were logged in our date: 31. Not too bad. If you add the 21 dossiers on May 31, that is a total of 52 referrals all together. It's possible we'll be next. Unfortunately, other agencies have dossiers logged in from June 1 - 8. Lots of people in the groups are posting information about how many dossiers their agency has on those early June dates. It doesn't look like there are a huge amount of dossiers but I have a feeling that it will be enough to keep us from getting our referral by the end of the month. Is it only April 5?!

I announced to Todd this evening that I was NOT celebrating Mother's Day this year if we do not have our referral. I figured last year would be my last Mother's Day without a child. Who needs Mother's Day anyway? It is a holiday that Hallmark created and everyone has played right into their devilish hands! All of the card buying and gift giving! Bah humbug! I can do without it, of course until I can actually celebrate that day! Then I want all the hoopla--brunch at the Seelbach, diamonds, flowers--oh yeah!

So, we're still waiting. Only 3 1/2 more weeks of this month.

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