Tuesday, April 18, 2006

Message from GWCA

We received an e-mail today from our agency stating that they expect to receive referrals this week but that they still don't know which LID's will be included. The chat boards are going crazy! Most other "big" agencies are saying that the CCAA will get through June 3. Technically, this is the first week of June. June 3 is a Friday so the next day will be June 6 and then us, June 9. I don't think there are too many people logged in on June 8 and I haven't heard of one person being logged in on the 7th, although I'm sure some of the more obscure agencies have that LID. Anyway, I still don't think I will be in this group. Miracles do happen, however!

On another topic, my allergies are in FULL swing! I haven't stopped sneezing since 5:00 this afternoon! It is driving me absolutely bonkers! I had to make a mad dash to Walgreens to get some allergy meds. I forgot that they now have that BS pseudophedrine law where you can only buy so many pills a week. As I'm wheezing and blowing my nose I have to fill out a form in triplicate, get fingerprinted, and give her the secret handshake--all for a 24-pack of pseudophedrine. I just wanted to stop sneezing! It was miserable. God love the drug dealers!

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