Wednesday, April 19, 2006

My heart fell to my feet . . .

I nearly lost my afternoon snack today. We received an e-mail from Great Wall stating that they still had nothing to tell us, they can confirm that the CCAA will be sending referrals for those families registered on May 31, and that they cannot confirm if the CCAA will send referrals for families registered on June 9. I about died--there was our LID on the referral update. Todd was sitting at the computer and began pointing at the screen with a bewildered/shocked look on his face. Then we read the message in its entirety. I had to read the message several times to make sure I had the correct information. The long and the short of it is that we still know NOTHING and neither does GWCA. The next several days are going to be tough. We are so close and living in the world of unknowns. I am not getting my hopes up but at the same time I am preparing myself for referrals. I told Todd that if we get our referral we have to kick our asses in high gear! We still have a lot to do before we go to China!

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