Tuesday, September 19, 2006

Another day

We went to the zoo today. I love our zoo. It is a great place to go for the afternoon/morning. I love that we live so close to it and I love that Lilli likes animals. She had a ball in the petting zoo and squealed with delight when we came upon the hippos. I love that she has absolutely no fear when it comes to animals. I take that back; she is reserved, but still curious and will at least check things out from afar. I'm glad she doesn't scream and recoil in fear. (ASIDE--Have you noticed that I write mostly in compound sentence?) Anyway, we only spent about two hours at the zoo today. We met another family with a Chinese baby and had a lovely conversation with them. Their little girl was 21 months old and Lilli and I had "hair envy". We are SO ready for pigtails and ribbons!

Lilli fell asleep in the car on the way home from the zoo. I carried her upstairs and had the bright idea to put her in her crib. HUGE MISTAKE! She immediately opened her eyes when I laid her down and started screaming. I did get her to go back to sleep for a split second but when I tried to put her down in our bed, it was the same scenario. I am ready for the bedtime woes to end! I can't wait for the new book to come in. Hopefully it will give us some tips and point us in the right direction. I can't take much more of this! The afternoon ended up with me putting her in her crib to scream for 10 minutes just so I could catch a breath of sanity. Then I tried rocking her for another 45 minutes only to put her down in disgust. She was NOT going back to sleep. Of course, I cried in frustration as I usually do. I feel like such a failure when I can't get her to sleep. I guess that is normal.

Well, I'm off to try to put the big girl to bed.

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