Saturday, September 16, 2006

Our first playgroup

Lilli is amazing. Just when I think she couldn't get any cuter, she does something that steals my heart. Today we went to our first Panda Playgroup. This is a playgroup for an organization we belong to called Families with Children from China, or FCC. It was held at Waterfront Park which is an awesome place to take kids. If you live locally and haven't been to the park you really should go. It is very nice and has LOTS of playground equipment for all ages. We thoroughly enjoyed ourselves and Lilli got to play with other Chinese kids. After playing for several hours we went to lunch at the new Tumbleweed on the river. Lilli was so exhausted that she fell asleep while eating. I'll post those pictures soon!

Nothing much else to report. I am taking Lilli to Georgia to visit my brother on Thursday. I'm curious about how she will travel. I haven't had her in a car for longer than 30-40 minutes. This will be between 7-8 hours. I'm sure it will take us that long because we will have to stop and let her play around. We'll see how it goes.


hotmama28 said...

Good luck on the trip! I am sure you will be fine... just pop in some Wiggles! Hahaha :) I think that is the park my mom has been wanting us to go to when we come down again - is it right there by Tumbleweed? Sounds cool... glad Lilli got to get crazy with the other kids! Talk to you soon!

hotmama28 said...

Oh - forgot to mention - BRING ON THE PICTURES!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! :) Help your out-of-towners out, lady! :)