Wednesday, September 20, 2006

Vegetable soup anyone?

This is what happens when mommy or daddy (usually daddy--ha) leaves the bathroom door open. Lilli is fascinated with the toilet and loves to play in it. Of course we don't let her! These are items from her play grocery store. Yesterday I caught her giving the play food to Boomer and of course Boomer loves to chew on anything! She and Boomer have become fast buddies. Boomer likes her because she gives him food; she likes Boomer because he will let her do anything to him. Labs are great family dogs!


L & S said...

Too funny! Hope is obsessed with the toilet too. I'm just waiting for the day she takes a header into the bowl while trying to watch it flush! :)


chelley said...

omg LOL hmmm yummy!!! hmmm might have to get a lock for the toilet!