Saturday, September 23, 2006

Hello from GA!!!!!!!!!!!

We made it to Georgia in one piece and Lilli did awesome! She cried for 5 minutes tops through the entire trip. It did take us quite a while to get here because we stopped to let Lilli play. My parents were a great help and ran around with her at a rest area and in a McDonald's playland. She slept for 2 hours which was a relief because I was afraid she would sleep the entire trip and never fall asleep the first night. Everything went extremely well!

Lilli is having a ball playing with her cousins. My nephew, Alex, is 7 years old; my niece, Emily, is 4 years old; and my other nephew, David, is 2 years old. Alex and Emily are CRAZY about Lilli. David isn't as thrilled with Lilli because she is stealing some of his thunder. He used to be the youngest and got all of the baby attention. Now he's got some competition!

Yesterday we went to a playgroup so the kids could play. They all had a good time. Lilli was a hit and the older little girls were all over her.

Today we are going to do some shopping. I'm hoping to find some shoes for the peewee. Her feet are so tiny!

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