Monday, September 18, 2006

Somethin' to blog about

There hasn't been much to blog about lately. I know my fans have been disappointed. As I'm typing this I am drinking strawberry milk. I have discovered Nestle Quik and intend to use it liberally. Lilli really enjoys it and I can't remember the last time milk tasted so darn good! I've always been a milk drinker, but this takes the white stuff to a new level. I'm ecstatic that Lilli will finally drink milk.

We are starting our bedtime crusade. I am slowly bringing bedtime back to an acceptable hour. I would like for Lilli to go to bed at 8:00 P.M. at the latest. Currently, she is going down at 8:45 which is down 15 minutes from 9:00. I am creeping back in 15 minute increments every couple of nights. I'm surprised at how easily she went down tonight. I have also been giving her warm milk to help her get to sleep.

We have been doing more research on the crib sleeping. One of the ladies at the playgroup suggested a book to me and I ordered it last night. It is called Sleeping Through the Night and apparently gives you a schedule on how to put your kids to sleep at night. I'm excited about this book and about getting Lilli out of our bed. In other respects, it is a little sad. She is always in such a good mood when she wakes up. She wakes me up by singing, jumping on me, etc. Sounds annoying but she is a little ray of sunshine when she is doing something silly. I will miss these times that we have shared. I know it is for the best and she will be a much more secure little girl when she can self-soothe and sleep on her own. I really think she is ready for it.

I really miss going to bed and reading for an hour.

I picked up Lilli's first professional photos tonight. It was pouring down rain and I quickly discovered that she likes to stomp around in puddles. She giggled and cackled all the way back to the car. She thinks the umbrella is a toy that turns the water on and off. I swear, she is so cute!

We had a bit of a mishap with one of the dogs today. I LOVE my dogs and anyone who knows me knows that if I had to choose between my dogs and my husband, Todd loses. Anyway, we were carrying in the groceries and our bulldog, Sherman, comes outside. I guess in all of the commotion of the two of us carrying in groceries and trying to keep Lilli inside, we forgot about Sherman. It was probably half an hour before we realized that he was not inside. I went to feed the dogs and Sherman didn't come to his bowl. I looked around for him and couldn't find him. I shouted for Todd to see if he could find Sherman. That is when Todd realized that we had left him outside. I was devastated! I couldn't believe I had forgotten him outside. I rushed outside and luckily he was waiting by the door. I don't know what I would have done had he wandered off. Close call. Of course, the rest of the night we have been treating Sherman like royalty.

I'm going to finish my strawberry milk.

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hotmama28 said...

I am sure Sherman wasn't liking THAT at all... hahaha