Wednesday, September 20, 2006

At 8:30 P.M.

Lilli was fast asleep! Yippee-skippee. We are working our way down. Next, she is going to sleep in her own bed. She decided at 1:30 in the morning that it was time to play and began using me as her personal jungle-gym. I don't need any more convincing that she needs to be in her bed. She woke me up several times last night and mommy isn't too happy when she is awakened prematurely.

The latest conundrum is discipline. Lilli is constantly getting into things she shouldn't and doing things she shouldn't. I feel like the word I say to her most is NO. A close second is STOP. Today I swatted her hand because she wouldn't stop scratching the leather furniture. She scratches the furniture and just looks at me. What do I do? I'm afraid that if I scold her too much that I will erase the bonding that we have already established.

Being an adoptive parent is tough. There are so many uncharted territories that "regular" parents just can't relate to. I also think that I am my own worst enemy sometimes. I think I did just enough research on parenting adopted children to be aware, but not enough research to know what to do. Am I making sense? I guess tonight I am just frustrated.

OK, then, I'm off to pack for our road trip.

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hotmama28 said...

Adopted or not... those cute little creatures we call children love to push our buttons... I know what you mean... Xavier is into everything and we refer to him as destructo, so I feel like "no" is a VERY common word... hang in there, you wild woman! She is just testing her boundaries and seeing what she can get away with. Telling her no and redirecting her is okay... beating her would be the bad thing! Hahaha :) You are doing such a great job! Just remember, it will never be perfect - things are going to happen, but as long as you love the heck out of that girl and do what you know is right, you will be fine. You are a very loving and caring person, so I have no doubt that you are doing a wonderful job as a new mommy! We cannot wait to see you all again! Later gators!