Saturday, September 09, 2006

First slumber party

Right now the Lilliputian is staying the night with my mother. I don't know how I feel about this. Yes I do: I'm conflicted. Of course I want her to have a great relationship with my parents and Todd's mom, but I am not sure she is ready for overnighters. My mom and dad assured me (after the 5th or 6th phone call) that everything was going fine and that they would not let her be unhappy. Apparently she is doing so well that she went to sleep in their crib. This bothers me, too, because I wonder what I am doing wrong. Why won't she sleep in her crib here? This is silly, but my biggest fear is that I am going to pick her up in a few hours and she won't want to come to me. My mom is great mom and she has a way with kids. I'm sure she is doing everything better. Lilli will probably look at me and start crying! She will probably be thinking, please don't send me back to the rookie house! Ack! I don't know if I'm going to be able to handle this! Todd assures me that I am being silly, but I just have this feeling that the overnight trip might set her back in bonding. Maybe it's just me?! On the flip side, it was great to have a few hours to myself. I gave myself a home pedicure and had some wine. I've got a stack of magazines 12 inches high and was going to read the night away (party animal). My sil, Angela, called and asked me to the movies. I decided to go and had a ball. Angela is a helluva story teller and can have me laughing like nobody else. She told the funniest stories on the way to the theater. We saw Little Miss Sunshine. It was really funny and heartwarming (Robin, Eric--it was no Boys on the Side but I still wouldn't recommend it to you guys!) Now it's early morning and I'm ready for my daughter to come home; it just doesn't feel right here without her.

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hotmama28 said...

Hey girl! I hope things went well on the pick-up! Thanks for the movie warning! Hahaha :) You know, with this new computer game, there is no time for movies! HAHAHA