Saturday, September 02, 2006

Bedtime is still a nightmare

The past two nights have been absolutely horrible. Lilli gets tired and then fights, fights, fights going to sleep. We have been putting her to bed around 9:00 and it seemed to be working out. Tonight I'm at my wits end. I had to leave her screaming or I was going to blow a gasket. This is completely miserable. It has been taking over an hour to get her to bed the last couple of nights. I can't believe this is normal!? I don't want to give her Benadryl, but at this point I'm willing to try drugs. The biggest problem is that only I can put her to bed. Todd still isn't able to do much with her. I am longing for the time when I can say, "Bed time!" and when I lay her down in her crib for the night she goes off to sleep. Does this happen? I'm just so completely frustrated right now. I'm so glad the blog allows me an opportunity to vent some of my aggravation. She has been so cute today and enjoyable. I'm trying to focus on that but I am tired as well and would like to retire for the evening. Do I sound like a big baby? If it takes longer than 10-15 minutes I can feel myself getting frustrated. Then I get this sick feeling in my stomach and I become more agitated by the second. Oh boy!

On another topic, we had her doctor's appt on Friday. Lilli weighed 20 lbs and 7 1/2 ounces. We were pretty excited. She gained 1 1/2 lbs. She got two shots and they took some blood. This time they only pricked her finger and she was fascinated by this whole process. She watched intently as the nurse squeezed drop after drop of blood out of her finger.

Alrighty, I think my blood pressure has leveled off a bit. I'm going to jump back into the war zone aka the bedroom!

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Sonya said...

i just had to respond to your blog as my 22 month old, also called Lily, is having a similar problem. she's exhausted, I go to put her down, and she fights, screams, rants at me - anything to avoid going to sleep in her crib. My husband has also never put her down, mainly because lily won't have anything to do with him at bedtimes. last night I sat on the floor, head down, next to her crib (true Super Nanny style) whilst she screamed and appealed to the softer side of mummy with "i got an owi"..."I need some medicine"..."I a good girl" etc....boy oh boy, this kid is smart! it really pulled at my heart.

she screamed blue murder for 45 minutes, then finally asked to go to sleep on mummy, at which point i conceded and brought her out of the crib and held her until she fell, exhausted, into slumber.

I'm exhausted with the battles. Am going to try a reward system tonight...Dora Stickers on a chart each time she goes to bed like a good girl...we'll see!

A month ago I had the dream toddler - 7:30pm she was down for the night, no her language has improved, so have her negotiating skills and she's obviously flexing that muscle somewhat.

I hope your situation is better now, i notice the post was earlier this year...let me know if you have any tips. I"m open to anything.