Sunday, June 18, 2006

Breathing a sigh of relief . . .

Well, the big wedding is finally over and life can return to normal for a few short days. It was a beautiful weekend and it was awesome to see my family and spend some time with them--I miss them! The pool has been installed as well--we are filling it as I type. And, only two more weeks of summer school. The shower is Sunday and hopefully we will know our travel dates by the end of the week. The boards are saying sometime between July 9 - 15. Works for me; I just want my daughter. I bought two of the cutest outfits this weekend in Chicago. I just can't help myself--girls clothes are too cute and if I go in to a store, I get sucked in by the cuteness. My granny told me I better "cool it." (I went shopping with her Friday.) When I got back to the hotel Todd was a bit disturbed that I had purchased more clothes. I told him I was done and looked at me a bit incredulously. I really shouldn't buy any more clothes and I don't plan on it at this point. I have been spending money on this kid as if it grows on trees. Can you say the word spoiled?

Well, I haven't been home in four days so I am going to veg-out for a bit and then retire to a comfortable bed!

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