Monday, June 19, 2006

Travel approvals are coming in

. . . just not ours! Many other agencies are sending their people travel approvals. The travel approval (from here on known as the TA) is when you get approved to travel in China. We will receive tentative dates but still won't have anything in concrete. It will probably be a few days after we receive the TA before we know firm dates. Once the TA is out, then we have to wait for our CA (Consulate Appointment). This is the big one and travel will be scheduled around this appointment. It is probably the most important appointment we have in China, after receiving the baby. Unfortunately, I have no idea what we do when we meet with the Consulate, but I've heard that we have some kind of swearing ceremony (I ought to excel at that).

On another note, the pool is filled and the pump is running. It is SO quiet. It looks awesome. I will be adding chemicals to it before I retire for the evening.

Summer school only lasts for 8 more days. Our last day is next Thursday, not Friday like I had originally thought. Yee-ha! My kids were turds today and I came very close to asking one to leave. Why do they have to be such a-holes sometimes? Oh well. I think Todd wants to hand the border so I best go. He's a bit disappointed in me this evening because I took a 3 hour nap. It felt SO good and refreshing, though! I have told him that I do NOT want to get into doing a bunch of work before the shower. We always bite off more tasks than we can chew before we have an event at the house. I'm determined that we are NOT going to do that this time. He is fighting me tooth and nail. I guess I should be glad that he wants to make the house look nice. We'll see what we get done!

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