Wednesday, June 21, 2006

Nothing new

We are in full "get the house ready for company" mode. As I type, I should be out draining the large pond so Todd can pressure wash it tomorrow. One can only take that fishy, dead animal smell for so long. I did have to actually get into the mucky water about ankle deep; there was a fish caught in the filter basket and I had to save it. The lengths I go to for animals! I also got to pick up one of our frogs. It startled me at first because he (she?) was lying on its back. I thought, hmm, that is a strange rock. When it moved I realized it wasn't a rock. I approached him cautiously and scooped him out of the fish net. We stared each other in the eye and then I put him in the small pond. I think we have a real bond!

Well, I was just telling my buddy Linda that it hasn't sunk in yet that within a month I am going to be a mom! It's just crazy. We were laughing at Todd because he has been so cute about the whole thing. I think he called everyone on the department yesterday to tell them we had travel dates. He is going to be a great dad. I'm a lucky girl.

The fish are calling me and Sherman needs to go out so I'm off to do some more fishin' and froggin'!

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