Wednesday, June 07, 2006

The real fun is starting . . .

I bought the cutest shirt for Lilly today. I just couldn't resist--it was on clearance. Anyway, we received the first e-mail from the "travel team" with our agency. Probably the biggest shocker is that there is a $2000 "Province fee" that we were oblivious to. Todd is NOT happy. In addition, we had planned on wiring the $3000 orphanage donation to China but Lilly's province does not accept wired money. My question is how will they know the difference? So it looks like we will have to take $5000 in cash with us to China. Not only do we have to take the money, but the bills have to be new or like new. Again, why? It doesn't make sense, but we've come this far so there is no backing out now. It's just been a weary road and the only thing that is going to make us happy right now is the travel arrangements.

The buzz in the groups is that we are not going to be traveling until the end of July. I am surprisingly not bothered by this. Everyday brings us closer to having her so I am not so concerned about when we go. I just want some concrete dates.

One post tonight did concern me a bit and it was about vaccinations. I checked the CDC and WHO and no vaccinations are required for China. One of my travel buddies was talking about vaccinations and I haven't had any. Some people get vaccinated for hepatitis. This hasn't been something that has been pushed by anybody in the organization and if it were extrememly important I think getting vaccinated would have been more stressed. I think my mind is working double over-time and looking for things that could go wrong at this point of the game. I would feel like dog doo-doo if that kept me from going to China!

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