Thursday, August 31, 2006

Another day

We've almost survived another week. Tomorrow is FRIDAY! I don't look forward to the weekends as much as I used to. Lilli and I are getting into such a routine during the week that the weekends seem like a P-I-T-A. (That was for you Angela!) The only nice thing about the weekend is that we usually have lots going on and get to spend time with the fam.

I took Lilli and had her picture taken today. She was dressed in her ice cream dress (thanks Angela!) and then we had her picture taken in a traditional Chinese outfit. Of course I went overboard with purchasing the pics. Lilli was such a wiggle-worm that I wasn't sure any of the photos would turn out. They were great, however, and I should have plenty to give to the fam.

Tomorrow we have her 1-month evaluation at the pediatrician's office. I wonder how painful this visit will be for her? Her bloodwork last month showed that she was anemic. We've been working hard on this one so hopefully it has resolved itself. I don't really know much about anemia.

Nothing much else to report. We are still working on the bed vs. crib issue. The longest she will sleep in her crib is about 2 hours. Sometimes I can rock her back to sleep and she will sleep for another hour or so but that is about it. I'm sure this will resolve in time so I'm not super worried. Each night gets a little easier and better. If she is sound asleep she will lay down in her crib with no problem. Our problem is that she doesn't stay asleep and she can't self-soothe. We have tried blankets, pacifiers, stuffed animals, what ever you can think of. This may still be a bonding thing. From time to time she will self-soothe with a blanket while in the crib. Most times, though, she wakes up screaming.

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