Friday, August 25, 2006

New Mommy Blues

This is my 100th post. I should get a prize or something.

Tonight I am really feeling the pressures of not having the freedom I used to have. Todd and I are having some scheduling conflicts for tomorrow morning and next week. There are things I want to do with my Saturday morning and things that he wants to do with his Saturday morning. Unfortunately we are not on the same page and we are going to have to compromise. I think we handled it well and I didn't shed a tear. (Some of you might find it very hard to believe that I cry very easily; especially when I get mad or frustrated.) Being a parent requires a lot of give and take and tonight I feel like all I do is give. I was able to help Todd see my side of the situation and we came to an understanding about free time. We've got a good plan for the morning; we'll see how well it works out.

We became zoo members today. I went to the zoo with my sil, Brinda and a friend of hers. We had a nice time and there was practically nobody there! We got in to exhibits very quickly! I got some awesome pics of the pygmy hippos (my favorite) and I even got to feed a giraffe. It was great! The gorillas were playful this morning and we got to watch the meerkats in action. We had a debate about which family the meerkat belongs to: is it a cat or a rodent? I'm voting rodent. On the placard next to the meerkat exhibit it said that the meerkat digs like "other ground squirrels." I do believe that squirrels belong to the rodent family and thus concluded that the meerkat is indeed a rodent. I'll have to get back with you on that one! Anyway, Lilli enjoyed the zoo almost as much as I did. She loves being outside and around lots of people.

We ate lunch at the Mac Shac again (sorry Robin and Eric). Lilli had a fish sandwich, her first! She must have liked it because she ate almost the entire sandwich. Of course, she ate her fries! I've learned not to order her an actual meal because most of it goes to waste. I let her share my food which is cheaper and less wasteful--I'm so smart! HA!

We have a very busy weekend ahead of us. There are several birthday parties that we must attend, the KY state fair is still going on and Art in Speed Park is this weekend. I'm thinking about skipping one of the birthday parties and going to the art show with my mom. I really need some "me" time and I am missing my creative, artsy side. I attempted to be artsy with Lilli tonight. I put her in her high chair with just a diaper and plastic bib. I have some wooden letters that need to be painted for her room and I thought she could help me. So, I put some paint in a little bowl and gave her a letter. She's such a mockingbird so I showed her what to do. Guess what she did? Her finger went into the paint and straight into her mouth! Then she threw the letter and got paint on the floor. So much for that good idea. I gave her some animal crackers and was able to paint two or three letters before she got bored. I thought it was a good plan! Oh well. At least the paint was non-toxic!

The munchkin did something extremely cute in the car today. When her food is too hot for her to eat, I do what every parent does and blow on it. Soon after we got her, she started blowing on her food, too. We think it is so cute. After the zoo I put her in the car and said, "Woo, it's hot!" She looks at me and starts blowing like she does with her hot food! I thought it was just a fluke but she did it after lunch as well! Too cute!

I also think she is recognizing pics of animals. I was reading a book to her tonight called Moo, Baa, La, La, La. It goes through different animals and the sounds they make. One of the pages has dogs and she looks at the picture, points to the dog, and then barks. She mimics our dogs when they bark. Again, I thought it was a fluke, but when I read the book again she did the same thing.

I'm going to end now because I am really jonesin' for a real Coke. I have some C2 in the basement which just might do the trick! Have a great weekend.

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