Tuesday, August 15, 2006

Milk and cottage cheese

I finally got Lilli to drink some milk. It took an Oreo cookie. I'm not too proud. She ate a bit of an Oreo and then took a sip of milk--that's my girl. This morning I caught her trying to dunk her Nutri-Grain bar into her grape juice. What a mockingbird! I guess she saw me dunk my Oreo into the milk!

At lunch yesterday she tried cottage cheese. I had some with my salad and thought I would let her try it. She really liked it and I ended up having to get her a bowl. She ate most of it. I was really hoping that it contained some iron to help with the anemia, but no dice Chicago. I was a bit surprised.

Today wasn't one of my better mommy days. Lilli was driving me insane! All I wanted to do was fold the laundry. All she wanted to do was destroy my nice neat piles of undies and t-shirts. Nothing I did could divert her attention away from my task. I kept going over to her massive box of toys, but they didn't seem to interest her. She kept diving right back into my clean basket of clothes. I ended up letting her play with the washcloths just so I could finish the rest of the laundry.

Then, I am in the kitchen attempting to fix lunch and she is throwing her Leap Frog magnets everywhere! I kept tripping over them to the tune of "A, B, C". I think the batteries to that toy are going to mysteriously disappear!

And, I was in the bathroom cleaning and Lilli was rummaging through my drawer of hair doo-dads. She pulled out my hair brush and began pretending that she was combing her hair. How cute, I thought. I turned back around to finish my cleaning and the next thing I know I'm retrieving my hair brush from the toilet. Apparently she watched me clean the toilet and decided that she would take a turn as well. Ugh--when will my sanity return!

Needless to say, my patience was wearing quite thin. On top of the "daughter trials" I have injured my neck and upper back and am not feeling 100%. I did my best but I don't think I was as patient with Lilli as I should have been today. Again, I'm reminded of a famous phrase from a movie: same movie, same phrase: " . . .tomorrow is another day!" Until then.

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hotmama28 said...

I am loving it... ah yes... the laundry chaos... you should know by now that no toy will suffice for what mommy is doing... :) LOVED the brush incident, too... I am very happy to say that I have not yet had to fish anything out of a toilet (knock on wood). Hang in there... and remember... she's only this little once, and those towels can get rewashed! :) Have fun!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! :) She is just a doll!