Friday, August 04, 2006

Bathtime breakthrough!

First of all, ROBIN, she DOES try to reach her hand in the poo! Todd is becoming the "hand holder" during diaper changing time. When Todd isn't available I have to distract her with a toy so wandering hands don't go south!

We had a bathtime breakthrough this evening. Lilli sat down in the bath water by herself. When we first gave her a bath she screamed like I was jamming sticks under her toenails. Then we tried standing her in the tub; this seemed to work better. Tonight, the brave one sat in the tub and stood back up (on her own) many times and even cackled at the splashing and the toys.

Speaking of splashing, she discovered the dogs' water bowl tonight and made quite a mess of her PJ's. I guess we are going to have to relocate the dog watering station. And, speaking of dogs, she tried her first piece of dog food this evening. I'm such a rookie parent! I put food in the dogs' bowls for supper. Boomer, of course, came running like it was the last supper. Sherman, on the other hand, took his time. I had to coax him into the kitchen and when I turned back around I found Miss Lilli with a piece of dog food in her mouth and the most disgusted look on her face. Hopefully a lesson learned: for both of us!

Bedtime is rapidly deteriorating. I didn't think it could get any worse. The hardest thing about bedtime is that I'm exhausted at this point and my patience level is low. Todd had to intervene this evening. Her latest display is to thrash about in the bed. I will get her to sleep and lay down with her in the bed (don't judge) and usually she stays asleep and wants to snuggle. The last two nights she has flopped around like a fish out of water and wants nothing to do with anything touching her; she has even thrown my hands off of her. I thought maybe she wanted her space so I was fine with letting her go. Then she starts flopping around and talking. I think this is her new technique to keep awake. Last night this was my end. I laid her down in her crib and called for Todd. He's good that way and he was already on his way up the stairs as I was coming to get him. I guess he sensed that I was getting frustrated, or it could have been the tone of my voice coming through the monitor. (Think Ozzy Osbourne sings Rock-a-Bye Baby.) He finally rocked her to sleep and put her in her crib. At 12:30 A.M. she was screaming again and Todd had already gotten her out of the crib by the time I got up. She was so upset that she was standing in the crib. I took her and brought her back to the communal bed and she started the thrashing thing. So frustrating. The logical part of my brain (I know, small part) says that maybe she is wanting her own space; that maybe she is trying to convey to us that she wants her own sleeping area. My heart tells me that she is still grieving and that her behavior is one thing she can control in a world where she really has no control. Or, in a world where the control she had was taken away. I just wish there was some way (an easy way) I could convince her that she has no more worries, that she is here to stay. I am so worried that if I make the wrong move that I will forever sever her ability to attach/bond with us or anyone and that she will never feel safe again. So many things to think about!

We got Lilli's medical report today from our pediatrician. All of her bloodwork came back glowing except that she is severely anemic. I'm not surprised. We have to give her an iron supplement that tastes like poo and try to get her to eat iron-rich foods. The picky princess snubbed her nose at peaches tonight. Peaches are on the "good sources" of iron list. After reading the list of "excellent sources" of iron I'm kind of surprised that she is anemic. Most of the "excellent" sources of iron come from organ meats. I saw plenty of organ meats on the buffets in China.

It is 5:00 A.M. here. I know I should get back to bed and get a few more hours of snooze time. Todd is going back to work today. He's been itching to get back since about Monday. I'm a bit uneasy about being here alone with the little dragon. I know I'll be fine but my safety net is being taken away! Deep breaths!

I'll try to post more pics tomorrow!


Angela said...

Wow. Trying times during bedtime, huh? It can certainly be overwhelming. I really believe that you need to do what works for you and your family. There is this big negative buzz about letting your child sleep with you. Well, piss on that. Do whatever lets all of you get the most sleep. Did you ever hear of a teenager that sleeps with their parents? Heck, no! She will reach a point where she will want her independence when it comes to bedtime. Lorie, you are doing a fantastic job and remember not to be so hard on yourself. I used to do the same things you are doing. I used to freak out if I couldn't get my kids comfortable and asleep in their own beds. That is so normal. Your experience is unique and I think you should do whatever works for you. You are a fabulous mom!!

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hotmama28 said...

Oh, forgot to comment... congrats on the poo hands! Hahaha I think we need to get Lilli and Xavier together... :) Of course, in a TOTALLY child-proofed area... I think they are going to be trouble! haha