Monday, August 07, 2006

Too tired for a cute title

Hello all! I can't believe how tired I am. I knew being a parent would be tiring, but I wasn't prepared for absolutely exhausting. Today marks 3 weeks since Lilli has been in our lives. She is such a ham. Her moods change like the weather in the Ohio Valley--wait 5 minutes and something else will come along. Today we went from totally happy (giggling and cackling) to total hysterics including kicking and screaming on the floor: all within a 5 minute time span. We still have no idea what set her off this evening. She wanted NOTHING to do with anything or anybody. I tried to hold her and calm her down and she wriggled out of my arms. I was still sitting near her and she tried to push me away. Todd couldn't get her either. Finally I went back into the kitchen and just let her have her fit. She crawled in after me and continued to scream. I gave her the box of Fruity Cheerios and she was suddenly happy. I guess she was hungry. That is the only explanation I can think of but it really doesn't make any sense. She eats all the time. We gave her some Tylenol because I know she is teething, but this fit came on very suddenly. Who knows?

Lilli and I had breakfast with my peeps from NA today. They were excited to finally get to see her. I was excited to be around my gal pals again. School started today and they were celebrating the new school year. In a way I'm kind of envious. I love getting my classroom ready for the first day and meeting my new kids and getting a brand new start. It was weird to think that I was going to miss all of that this year. By the time I get back to school, the kids will have already attached to the sub and I will be the outsider. I got kind of misty at Target today when I passed by all of the "back to school" supplies at extra cheap prices. They were having a great sale on Crayola markers. The $1 Crayola marker sale is something I look forward to all summer! It is like Christmas in July for me. Todd laughs when I come home with 50 boxes of markers.

So bedtime (knock on wood) is getting easier. The last three nights she has gone to sleep without much of a fuss. I didn't even rock her last night. I put her in the communal bed and she went right to sleep. Tonight I took her upstairs and rocked her for a bit. As soon as I sat down in the rocker she laid her head on my shoulder. She has also been going down easier for naps. Today I rocked her for a bit and she went right to sleep. It's amazing what a routine can do for you!

Her latest thing is to give back affection. Whenever I pick her up she pats my arm like I am patting her back. This morning she looked up at me in bed and gave me a big, wet, open-mouthed kiss. She is also starting to be a cuddle-bug. She gives hugs and kisses freely. She is even going to Todd more and tonight got upset when he left. I feel like we are really making some progress with her.

Well, I don't have much else to say. Life has definitely changed. I am still trying to get used to everything. Someone was talking about going back for #2. Right now I'm thinking we are going to be a one-child household.


hotmama28 said...

I cannot wait to see that Dragon! Hahaha I LOVE when they start doing the patting on your arm/back, etc... so cute! And yes, no need to rush into two - especially if you want some rest sometime soon! hahaha :) Also... there's no reason you can't still buy those markers for yourself! haha BTW - I went to Jo-Ann's last night...


hotmama28 said...
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randy & cara said...

IT sounds like attachment is clicking, way to go, hang in there with the 5 minutes of sleep you are getting, it is so worth it, isn't it, when you get that kiss or returned hug!