Sunday, August 13, 2006

Tomorrow . . .

It will be four weeks since Lilli has been in our lives. FOUR WEEKS! It is hard to believe that that much time has elapsed. We wonder what we did with our lives before she came along!

We had our first "date" today. My mom called and offered to come and stay with Lilli while she napped so we could get out of the house for awhile. I was extremely conflicted about leaving her because I wasn't sure she was ready for a babysitter. I know we are going to have to leave her sooner or later, but we've only been home two weeks! I was afraid that leaving her would some how mess up the bonding process. The enticement of the outside world was too much and I decided that a couple of hours out would do us both some good. My mom raised three kids successfully and I was sure she could handle whatever the spicy dragon threw her way. So, we headed out for our "hot" date. We ended up going to the new Smith's furniture store (we aren't even in the market for furniture), to Target including Starbucks, and finally to the grocery store. We topped off our date with a romantic Wendy's lunch from the drive-thru. Yeah, we're crazy like that. All kidding aside, it was super-excellent getting away for even two hours. When we got home Lilli was SO excited to see us and she wouldn't let me out of her sight for several minutes.

I think Lilli has some serious teething issues. She has this constant flow of drool coming out of her mouth. I really think it would be more comfy for her if she wore a bib at all times. Wet clothing can be irritating. Tonight ended up being a Tylenol night. It was just too much. She was very cranky and had two BM's within two hours so I think she had the right to be cranky. After I gave her the Tylenol and she had the second BM, she was a happy baby! I hated having to put her to bed but it was time. We gotta get into a routine.

Well, I'm not feeling like a good writer this evening and I really want to go read my book so until next time!

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