Thursday, August 10, 2006

Quiet Night

I get up in the middle of the night quite frequently and tonight I couldn't get back to sleep. We had a good day today even after the night screams. We didn't go anywhere today and I think that allowed her time to decompress. We have been running errands in the morning and taking it easy in the afternoon. Lilli is quite a little trooper when it comes to riding around in the car, shopping cart, or stroller. As long as you're moving, she's happy.

The grandparents are starting to become a familiar site for Lilli. My mother came over twice yesterday and it isn't like we live next door to each other. I swear, this kid has Christmas every day. She gets something new almost daily and we have a constant flow of people coming to our door. Sometimes it is complete insanity! I love it though and I honestly think she does, too. In her referral it said that she liked to be in a busy place. That is definitely how I would describe our house right now!

Tonight she did the cutest thing. I was attempting to read books to her and she was somewhat paying attention. You have to be fast with the reading when you are reading to a 16-month old. I don't always get to read the written part and have to make something up. Anyway, while I was reading to her she kept looking at a doll that my sil, Melissa, sent to her. It was still in the package because I figured she was too young for it. Lilli kept touching the box and putting her fingers through an opening and touching the doll. So, I opened it. She took the doll and immediately wanted to take off its clothes. Then she took the doll in her arms and rocked it and kissed it. She handed the doll to me and wanted me to do the same. Then she sat in my lap and held her doll while I read to her. It was adorable.

Well, I should get back to bed for awhile. I'm in the computer room typing tonight (usually I'm using the laptop in the kitchen) and I am cracking up at the dogs having dreams. Too funny!


Laurel said...

Congratulations Laurie...I'm no expert but the whole doll scenerio sounds like a huge bonding moment! It also sounds like Lilli is working through her grief. Have a good're doing great! Laurel PS: Thank you so much for continuing to post, despite being exhausted! Take Care!

hotmama28 said...

Haha - I don't know what it is about little kids and naked dolls, but it is funny! Maybe Lilli is immitating you - and if so, THAT is adorable! :) It shows you are loving her, and she is giving that love, too... so sweet. I hope you are getting tons of pictures!!!!