Wednesday, July 05, 2006

8 days and counting

Hope everyone had a great 4th of July! We had the fam over for swimming and a cookout. There wasn't much swimming because of the rain, but the food was good! And we had plenty of it, especially sweets. The kids are all breaking in Lilli's toys for her. I can't believe the places that we found toys last night! They were EVERYWHERE!!! I guess I need to get used to the clutter of toys. I bought a big, wicker, storage chest that is going to be Lilliana's toy box. I am going to try to keep all of her toys in it. She got a play grocery store for the shower and it has a spot in the living room. I am trying to get "over" that but I am afraid it is going to find its home in the basement! I'm sure I'll mellow a little as time goes on; we'll just have to see.

I have been working on the finishing touches of her room today. The bumper pads need some alterations and I am currently ironing the curtains for her room. I washed the bed clothes as well since they have been on her bed since about October! I figure a good once over everything is in order.

I am going to have to repack Lil's clothes AGAIN! Our agency sent us a packing list from someone who has already been to China. They gave pointers on what to bring vs. what not to bring. Todd is all about this list and thinks that we must follow it to a "T". He also spent over an hour on the phone with a state trooper who just returned from China. Apparently he gave Todd a list of items as well. Todd thinks we should buy all of the clothes for Lilli when we get over there. I don't feel comfortable with this and feel we should pack a few things. It does seem silly (even to me) to lug a bunch of stuff half way across the world if I can buy it when I get over there, but I have my heart set on dressing her in things that I have picked. Where is the happy medium? My question is if we buy everything over there then don't we have to bring it back? Maybe what we'll do is buy stuff for her over there and then donate it to an orphanage before we fly home, that way we will have lots of room for souveniers. :)

I am going to try to get my house straightened up before Todd gets home. He is like a tornado when he comes in. He leaves things everywhere and then starts ranting and raving about the house being messy! It can be quite unnerving, but what a cutey when he gets aggravated!

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