Sunday, July 09, 2006

Still feeling pretty good

We leave in 4 days. I am still not worried or stressed. I think I stressed so much in the beginning that I don't have any more stress in me. I will also credit my daily exercise with the calm, cool, and collected feeling I am experiencing. I'm waiting for Todd to start losing patience with me about getting all of our stuff together. All I have to do is pack our things. That won't take very long and it is something I am going to do Wednesday. He took off Wednesday so we can get all of the last minute things done. What he doesn't realize is that I am the "behind the scenes" girl. I've made sure that we have everything we will need for the baby. I've taken care of the electronics we are packing. I am responsible for getting the gifts for the people in China. I've been doing a lot!

Well, he is out mowing the yard and I just heard the lawn mower stop so I had better get off the computer!

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