Tuesday, July 18, 2006

The spicy one is napping

So far the day has gone well. Our guide told us that it usually takes three full days for the babies to come out of their shells. We have hit and passed the 48 hour mark and cruising towards 72. I only rocked Lilli for a few minutes and fell sleep. She really fights sleeping. We did have another little break through today. She usually cries when we come back to the hotel room, but today we only had a whimper. I think it may have been the McDonald's we brought back with us. We have been shopping this morning at a Chinese department store and there is a McDonald's connected to it. I don't know the name of the department store but it was over 7 floors. All of the baby stuff was on the 7th floor. We bought Lilli two pairs of shoes. Her feet are tiny and it was difficult finding a pair to fit her, even in China. Shopping in China is very different than in the U.S. I was completely turned off by it at first and it still doesn't make a lot of sense to me. You find what you want and hand it to a salesperson. Sales people are not hard to locate as they constantly follow you around in the store. It is a bit unnerving but it is kind of like having a personal shopper with you in the store. After you pick what you want, the salesperson writes you a ticket and you take the ticket to the counter to pay. When you have paid, you go back to the salesperson and they hand you the merchandise. Maybe it cuts down on theft. I don't know.

Our McDonald's meal was excellent. I split a cheeseburger and fries with Lilli. She LOVES french fries. She didn't like the meat in the burger much but she loved the bun. It is fun watching her eat new things. She likes to feed us, too, and it is about the only thing she will do with Todd. I know this is hard for him and it absolutely breaks my heart. He wants so badly to be able to do things for her. She will come around I'm sure but that doesn't make it any easier.

Lilli took her first bottle today. She has wanted nothing to do with a bottle and I was disappointed because it is supposed to be an excellent bonding technique. I filled a bottle with water and liquilytes (her BM's have been mushy) and she went to town. I still haven't gotten her to take any formula but I think our main goal right now is bonding and attachment. Trust me, this kid is getting plenty to eat. She thinks Cheerios are crack!

We went out as a group last night to a Chinese restaurant. It was the BEST meal I've had yet. The food was excellent and I really like how the Chinese eat: the lazy susan in the middle and everyone shares the dishes. It is a bonding experience with the other families. We are all having so much fun watching what the other kids do! I even used my chopsticks and used them with success!

Lilli does excellent out in public. She will sit in my lap or in her stroller and she just takes it all in. She likes to be on the go. If we stop when she's riding in the stroller, she gets lippy and demands movement.

There is evidence all around of how poor a lot of the people in China are. While we were waiting for our bus outside of the store we got bombarded with beggars. It is really sad because they basically pimp their kids to beg for money. At Tienamen Square there were several little kids (5-6 y/o) who were crying and putting on a real show for money. You want to help but if you give them money they won't leave you alone. Our guide has had to get pretty verbal with some people who would not leave us alone. I think they believe that all Americans are rich and that money is growing out of our ears. We have seen some very poor and desperate places and most are very close to where we are staying. I feel very lucky to live in the U.S. and to have the things that I have (A/C). Can you tell I'm getting homesick?

There are two trends here in China that I think are fascinating. Wuhan, where we are now, is VERY, VERY, VERY HOT. The people wear these visors that look like welder's masks. It is quite comical, but I completely understand why. The heat is majorly intense. I don't know what the actual temp is but I am sure it is well above the 100 degree mark. The other thing that I think is neat is that all of the ladies have beautiful silk umbrellas to shield themselves from the sun. Chinese ladies want to be pale and fair skinned. (Lilli has obviously been in the sun a lot and is very dark.) The women get out of taxis and hurry to put their umbrellas up. I saw two girls sharing an umbrella today and the one who had the umbrella popped it up and went to the other side of the taxi to shield the other girl, like she is going to get wet from rain! They do not want to get any sun and maybe it is cooler.

Well there is so much to share that I could keep typing. I'm going to read for awhile before sassy britches gets up! I smell poo in a diaper but there is NO way I'm waking her to change her!


Judy Pyles said...

Tell Todd it took 4 days before Miranda warmed up to Jon. Most of the girls are not use to getting attention from Men. Lilli has to figure out Todd and what his role is. She will be a Daddy's Girl soon. I know it is hard for him.

Hang in there Todd!!


Laurel said...

Hi Lorie and Todd,
LOVE your blog! Thanks for putting out all the very interesting, helpful and fascinating (love all the info on the Chinese and how they react to westerners etc.!)information...it will help me tremendously when I go to pick up my daughter (next year sometime...hopefully). Congratulations to all of you!

hotmama28 said...
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hotmama28 said...

I am trying to catch up with all of your blogs! It sounds like you are having a wonderful time, but we are of course anxious to get you back on American soil! :) I was also wanting to comment on the ladies and the umbrellas... our neighbors are from the Phillipines, and the wife does NOT go out in the sun. It is a status thing to be "whiter" in some of those countries... being "dark" is trashy! Hahaha I think that is hilarious since our country is so tan-driven! :) Anyway... I got sidetracked there... it is such a sheer joy to read about your experiences with Lilli. You guys are just getting right in the swing of things - you will be pros by the time you experience that plane trip home! Looking forward to reading more! We miss you and cannot wait to see that sweet yet spicy little lady!