Monday, July 17, 2006

Each minute a new experience!

After the last post we have made some headway with Lilli. Before I write any more I must apologize in advance for any typos or grammatical errors. I know my writing isn't as well- thought out as normal! I'm sure my brain will come back (in 18 years)!

Any-who, we took Lilli to the common area on our floor where there is a play area. Several of the families had their babies there playing. Lilli wasn't too impressed at first but eventually was enticed to play with the other babies because of a pink balloon. It was the first time we saw her smile and she had a belly laugh. She had so much fun and Todd was able to play with her a bit without her freaking out. She loved throwing the balloon and then grabbing it and watching it pop out of her hand. She has this cheezy grin where she juts out her chin and shows off her bottom teeth. We just melt with delight when she's happy. She is also enjoying stacking cups. She figured out how to put them all together tonight so I'm not sure what she is going to play with tomorrow. She will play and play with the stacking cups, setting them up and then knocking them down.

We were quite a spectacle at dinner tonight. This girl can eat! She ate more than Todd or me and I think she ate more than both of us combined. She loves noodles and rice (go figure). She will eat meats, but she makes a face when she eats meat. She tried watermelon tonight and really liked it. The Chinese have watermelon at every meal. We were probably at the buffet for 1-2 hours and she continued to eat. I just kept giving her more and she wasn't stopping. We did find out that she does not like for her hands to be dirty. When something gets on her hands she flings it everywhere. We left quite a mess at the restaurant. We are going to a restaurant tomorrow night with the group--that should be quite an experience with 9 new babies. Speaking of food, one of tonight's delicacies was stuffed salmon head. Again, if I don't lose 20 lbs on this trip I'm gonna be ticked!

Well, we got paid back for letting her eat so much. Our first toxic diaper came right after bath time. Bath time was NOT fun. She screamed the entire time and really didn't like it when I washed her face. We are able to come her down much more quickly than earlier today. I guess that is all part of the bonding process.

The hardest thing about today was watching her grieve for her foster parents. You could tell that she was simply heart broken and totally scared. I just held her and rocked her and let her cry. I know it will get easier as the days go by and everyone assures me this is normal, but it is really hard to see her go through the pain. We have a long road ahead of us but she is totally worth it. I can't wait for everyone to meet her. She is completely awesome in the most wonderful way imaginable!

I am going to attempt pictures again.

We cannot check the blog from here for some reason. The only thing we can do is update. I hope the photos show up!


Scruggs said...

Hey Todd & Lorie,

We are glad to hear that everything is going well. Unfortunately the pictures did not show up. We can't wait to see her little smile! We love reading your updates. Have Fun!
Heather & Bryan

Judy Pyles said...

Lorie & Todd,
I am glad things are going well. Be glad she gave you a nice surprise. She could of been the opposite which makes life miserable.
Enjoy your time in China. You'll be home soon enough.


The Clark's said...

Todd and Lorie I have cold chills just reading about your family experiences. I can just imagine your faces when Lilliana smiled at you all the first time!!!!
Todd you better get 2 batteries for Lilliana's Barbie jeep, right now!!! You are going to be worse than Tom, and Lorie, can wait to go shopping.
Tomi Li is excited to meet Lilliana.
Clark Family

Fran & Jim said...

Todd & Lorie
Congratulations! We are very anxious to meet our new neice. Wish we could view pictures of Lilliana. Want to hear all about your trip. Love, Aunt Fran & Uncle Jim