Wednesday, July 19, 2006

Another day in China

It is morning '3' here in Wuhan. The spicy one is moving around in her crib so I won't write much. It is 7:00 A.M. and she has been asleep since about 9:00 last night. The third day, according to our guide, is supposed to be the magical day when real bonding occurs. I hope so for Todd's sake. He was able to play with her several times yesterday. We caught some of it on video.

We still HATE the bathtub. In fact, she hates water completely. She freaks when we take her next to the fountain outside the hotel. I'm devastated because I love the water so much and wanted to share it with her. We have a swimming pool at home and two goldfish ponds. I know it may take time so I'm not giving up. I think tonight I may put on my swimsuit and get in the tub with her. I don't think I'm going to put water in the tub either, just use the wash cloth to get her wet. If anyone has any suggestions please send them along. One of my family members will e-mail me the suggestions (Angela? Brinda?). I think that my e-mail address is attached to the blog so e-mail me as well.

Lilli LOVES to be outside and HATES to have to come back inside. She screamed for about an hour after we came in for the night. (Karen W. does this sound like Danielle?) We have several theories about this. First, we think that everything unpleasant happens in the room: diaper change, bath, nap, bedtime. Second, we think that when she is busy outside she isn't thinking about the loss she has just experienced but when we come back in the room it hits her dead in the noggin. Again, I know it is still so early in the game but I just want to make her life so comfy. I do OK when she is screaming. Actually it doesn't really bother me other than the fact that I know she is sad.

Gotta go! The spicy one awakes! We'll post more at nap time!

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hotmama28 said...

Well, Lilli and Xavier will be fast friends... he TOO pitches major fits about playing outdoors... too funny. I am sure she will come around on the water, yet both Bee and X-Man STILL hate hair washing... you'd think after hundreds of baths it would be okay... hahaha All in good time. I cannot wait to see all of the pictures you are taking! Oh, and of course the video as well!