Sunday, July 23, 2006

Dreaming of . . .

ice cubes, sheets, faucet water, less pollution, steak, baked potato, diet coke, Starbucks, living rooms, television, Target, soft beds, my dogs, my house. Can you tell I'm homesick? We are really anxious to get home. It is Monday in China so we leave in 48 hours! I can't wait to get the plane ride over with. I'm not anxious about that, but I am anxious about how the dragon is going to do. She can throw a humdinger of a fit, especially when she gets frustrated. Right now she is mad at the stacking cups so she is throwing them. Minton family--does this sound like anyone else we know? Ha!

We are still doing well. Todd has been sick the last two days. He has the Chinese version of Montezuma's revenge. He is doing better but this would be so much easier if he were at home. Luckily we have Imodium and Pepto with us.

We have had a lot of firsts this week. We found out that she waves bye, she can clap her hands and say "yeah", she likes to dance and jump on the bed. She likes to sing and mimic adults. She plays fairly well with other kids, but she is usually the aggressor and we have to intervene. Last night we had a picnic outside our hotel rooms with four other families. All of us brought some toys and let the girls play together. Lilli loves to be around people. She is also quite the little daredevil. She likes books, but she gets frustrated when she can't open them. I have to laugh at her sometimes because she gets so frustrated.

Well, we are going to the Pearl Market today and we have to get our picture taken at 11:00 on the red couch. We'll see everyone very soon!


hotmama28 said...

Boy - that frustration sounds familiar... X-Man has a bad case of it! Hahaha The red couch... sounds like something cool! I cannot wait to see all those pictures! I hope Todd is feeling better and able to enjoy the remainder of the trip! See you all sometime soon!!!! :)


Glen and Susan said...

Sounds like you are doing just fine. Sorry to hear Todd hasn't been feeling well. We have thought about you alot. Thanks for keeping everyone posted and hope to see you soon.

Glen and Susan