Tuesday, July 18, 2006

Hot water optional

Showers are an experience in this hotel. Sometimes the water is very hot and sometimes, no matter how long you let the water run, it is lukewarm at best. We are both getting anxious to get home and back to our luxury items. I am ready to start brushing my teeth without bottled water!

We had a roller coaster day yesterday. Lilli seems to take two steps forward and one step back with us. One of the cutest things yesterday was that she finally started getting curious about the other toys we brought. She liked the books but grew frustrated when she couldn't open them. Then they became projectiles. I opened one of the books that is a touch and feel type of book and she enjoyed that one. When I opened a page and touched a fuzzy bunny I made kind of a cooing noise. She started mimicking me and soon we were cooing together.

I was applying Calamine lotion to my foot and she was watching me; she stuck out her foot and wanted me to put some on hers! It was too cute.

The little dragon is now up so I have to end. I will attempt an update during nap time.

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