Monday, July 17, 2006

The dragon sleeps!

We had a successful first night. She fought sleep for a little bit but when she threw the stacking cups at Todd, we knew she was done. I rocked her to sleep which only took about 30 seconds. I laid her in the crib and she never stirred. She did cry out in the middle of the night, however. To have been a fly on the wall as Todd and I jumped out of bed and scrambled to get to her crib! I'm sure it was a sight. She never woke up when she cried so I didn't pick her up. I did massage her belly and she pushed my hand away. She cried out several more times during the night but I tuned in to the fact that this was probably normal for her or that she was grieving. My mom called and she said that all babies cry out in the night. That was a relief but I see why the experts say that you shouldn't allow your baby to sleep in your room. It was hard falling back to sleep after she would cry because I wasn't convinced/didn't know if she was OK.

According to her schedule given to us by the orphanage, she is supposed to rise at 6:00 A.M. I've been joking with the other parents because they all have late sleepers and early bed times. Lilli was the only one who supposedly gets up at 6:00 A.M. My mom says not to wake her so I'm going to let her sleep. So now it is 7:30 and she is still snoozing. We have an appointment at 10:00 with the orphanage to finalize the adoption. We still have to go down to breakfast, too. I can't wait to see what she likes to eat for breakfast. I'm going to try giving her congee which is a very popular baby food in China. I think it is just a rice cereal that is sweetened.

Well, I will continue to update as time allows. The little dragon is going to dictate the rest of my day!

Thanks to everyone who is responding to the blog and leaving comments. Unfortunately I can't access my blog from here or post pictures but I appreciate all of the helpful hints from everyone! My sil, Brinda, is relaying the parental advice to us from your comments! What a blessing!


Judy Pyles said...

Lorie & Todd,
Congee ?%&*, I tried to feed Miranda congee and she threw the bowl on the floor and spit it out.
She wanted nothing to do with it. Give me eggs, give me sausage, give me REAL food and lots of it. She was and still is a big Noodle eater.
The pictures are so cute!! Karen forwarded them to me. Lilli is a Doll Baby. Looks like the three of you are enjoying China. Each dya it gets better and soon Lilli won't let you out of her sight. Once your home the real fun begins.

We can't wait to see the 3 of you,


Linda Gibson said...

Todd & Lorie

Lilly is soooo beautiful.. I cant wait to meet her. Lluvia is very excited about her coming home. Take lots of pictures of the high heal shoes I need to see what

love Linda

Karen Whitehouse said...

Todd & Laurie,
Congee, yuck we tried to feed Danielle congee and fish bone soup the orphange said she loved it hah.
She loved eggs, rice and noodles and to this day her favorite is still rice and noodles. You are doing great and don't worry soon she want let you out of her sight and she will be yelling mama and dada all the time. It sounds like she is a real spicy girl like Danielle very strong, opinonated and she is the controlling factor and lest they think they are. We can't wait to meet Lilli in person and safe trip home.